This is defending oneself? This is Gaza, where 1.8 million innocent people live and you see the bombing of their homes, schools, businesses and hospitals as defense? This is not defense, this is not a ‘fair’ fight, this is a war crime and is terrorism. So far, one Israeli civilian has been killed by Palestine in this month’s conflict, and that is tragic, but 87 people have been killed in Gaza this weekend alone, over 350 total in the last 14 days including dozens of children and babies. Calling this defense is like saying a bullied child has the right to defend themselves by shooting up their school… And let’s face it, Israel is FAR from a bullied child. They love to play victim, they love to run to the United States for affirmation because they know the U.S. is so caught up in religious myths from that region that they will automatically side with them. And let’s not forget that Israel is far more advanced than Gaza, they have the iron dome to protect from Hamas rockets, what does Gaza have?
This reminds me of October 1962 when the U.S. congress and military leaders wanted to blow Cuba off the map because Russia was installing nukes that could hit United States. But President Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy saw such an action as immoral, we were a much more advanced, powerful and protected people than Cuba, so it would obscene for us to do such a thing and would be bullying unless it was the absolute last resort. Fortunately they resolved the conflict peacefully. Unfortunately Israel doesn’t have that sort of humility and sympathy. They believe in collateral damage which is a pathetic term humans have made up to say “whoops, we killed innocent civilians while bombing a country? Sorry, it is bound to happen but we are sorry and show that by killing more.”
Also, this conflict has dates back to the 1920’s so both sides have agreed and disagreed to various ceasefires and truces, but both have also broken them. Again, I think both sides are scum for endangering the lives of innocent people and using violence instead of resolve, but at the same time, I cannot in good conscious look at Israel and Palestine as a level playing field or an equal fight.
So to answer your question, no, you are not right. You are very, VERY wrong.

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